Rochester Sings!

Can you Sing?  Check out our Karaoke Contest brought to you by Winona State University - Rochester
Thursday June 24th 7pm.
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Click HERE to download the Rules Document

1. Decisions by the judges and event organizers are final.
2. Registrations must be submitted online by 11pm on June 19, 2021.
3. Register online at:
4. Registrations need to include a video or audio clip of you singing (30 to 60 seconds max). You may email an mp3 file or provide a link to an online clip (YouTube, personal website, etc.). Please do not email a video clip, the file will be too large!
5. Please state your name and age at the beginning of your audition clip.
6. Email your mp3 file or online link to:
7. Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, we are only allowing 12 participants this year.
8. Participants must be AT LEAST 13 years of age (following the Minnesota Sings! competition rules).
9. Everyone under the age of 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian sign the registration and bring a copy to the event.
10. The audition judges will review all entries and selected contestants will be notified via email by Tuesday, June 22.
11. The audition judges will also identify alternates in the event some original contestants cannot participate. The alternates will be notified of their selection via email by Tuesday, June 22.
12. Selection of participants, song choice decisions, and performance order will be determined by the event organizers and are final.
13. Selected contestants and the alternates should arrive by 6:30 PM and check in with a Rochester Sings event organizer. Please bring a copy of your registration form.
14. Judges will score on the basis of vocal quality, song knowledge, and stage presence/appearance.
15. Participants can only sing in one preliminary round and only once per round.
16. Duets/groups are permissible. However, prizes are per performance, not per participant.
17. Participant agrees to select and perform in a family-friendly manner including physical movement on stage and appropriate language/lyrics. Event organizers reserve the right to stop a performance at any time if deemed inappropriate and the participant will be disqualified. Immediate disqualification might include, but is not limited to, removal of clothing, jumping from the stage, and/or damaging equipment.
18. Any participant who attempts to argue with the judges or event organizers may be disqualified from competition.
19. Mainstream Music will make karaoke tracks available to contestants. Song choice is subject to availability.
20. To ensure fair competition, song choices are limited solely to the selections provided by Mainstream Music.
21. Due to time and space restrictions, no live instruments will be permitted at this event. This is a karaoke contest, and singing to the recorded backing track.
22. Any on stage props must be approved by event organizers before your performance.
23. Participants must be at the staging area no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of their round or they forfeit participation.
24. The top three preliminary round winners from each round will be invited to participate in the championship round of six.
25. Participants must be at the staging area no later than 15 minutes prior to the championship round or their forfeit their prize.
26. Participants must remain on stage during their performance.
27. Winners of each preliminary round will be announced at the end of the second round. Prizes will be awarded to all preliminary round winners and the grand prize winner at the conclusion of the event (after the championship round).
28. Prizes will be as follows: Round 1 top three at $75, $50, and $25; Round 2 top three at $75, $50, and $25; Overall Champion $300.
29. In the event of a tie in the championship round, there will be a sing off.
30. In the event of rain, Rochester Sings will take place at: 4H Building, located at 112 Arena Dr SE, Rochester, MN 55902.
Minnesota Sings competition partnership: Minnesota Sings now has 2 age categories, 13-20 and 21 and older. The winner of the Rochesterfest Karaoke Extravaganza will qualify to compete in their age group at the Minnesota Sings contest. Contest organizers will then select the representative for the other age group based on the highest scores of contestants in that age group. Contest organizers will also select alternates for each of the age categories based on scores. Minnesota Sings is a competition between cities throughout Minnesota and is designed for amateur vocalists ages 13 to 20 and 21 and older. There are some great prizes thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. For prize details, visit This contest takes place October 16th and 17th, 2021 in Woodbury, MN. Complete information on the event can be found at: