Jonathan Schmidt of Rochester successfully deciphered all six daily clues AND three bonus clues supplied to sponsors Trade Mart Furniture Center, Whistle Binkies Pubs and ABC 6 News, and found the Treasure medallion at the top of the hill in Indian Heights Park in northwest Rochester at approximately 8:00 a.m. Thursday, June 23.

“I thought it might be the bottom of a bottle,” said Schmidt as he moved two small logs away from a tree stump that had a cavity partially filled with water from recent rain and which contained the clear lucite medallion.  Schmidt said there were about two dozen other Treasure seekers in the vicinity, but that he quietly left the park with his prize.

Schmidt will exchange the Treasure medallion for the $1,000 bounty on Friday, June 24 at 11:15 a.m. on the Treasure Island Stage at Rochesterfest in Soldier’s Field Park.

The daily clues led Schmidt and many other hunters to several City of Rochester parks including Quarry Hill, Silver Lake and Goose Egg Park.  This year’s Thursday morning find capped a six-day search for the Treasure which has been a part of Rochesterfest since 1994.

A complete description of this year’s clues, along with the full history of the Treasure Hunt, will be available on this page later today.

The 2016 Treasure Hunt is sponsored by Trade Mart Furniture Center, Whistle Binkies Pubs, and by our wonderful and new media sponsor ABC 6 News-KAAL TV. Please thank them for their continued support of Rochesterfest!


ABC 6 News

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Special thanks to Trade Mart Furniture Center, 3050 7th Street NW Rochester, MN, Whistle Binkies Pubs (North and South) and ABC 6 News for sponsoring the 2016 Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt.  Please visit Trade Mart, and the Whistle Binkies Pubs website for their Monday hours. Watch ABC 6 News Good Morning for daily clues at 6:45 a.m.

One BONUS CLUE is available at Trade Mart Furniture Center, and one additional BONUS CLUE will be available at BOTH Whistle Binkies Pubs on Monday, June 20th at pub opening at 11:00 a.m.


Clue #6 – Thursday, June 23

To avoid a disaster you might think Locasta.

(Locasta is a name for the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz, indicating the north half of the city.)

Go to the top and go right.

(Top of the trail at Indian Heights Park.)

While natives and friends at the lower defends,

(FOIH is the group dedicated to maintaining Indian Heights. Their signage is at the bottom of the hill near parking.)

The upper will give you my site.

(The Treasure was at the top of the hill.)

BONUS Clue #3 ABC 6 News – Wednesday, June 22

What is more fun than an east father sun?

(FOIH historical brochure mentions how Native Americans regarded this land as sacred with its east-facing "Father Sun" configuration.)

Some butternut lumber does not full encumber.

(Butternut lumber is mentioned in the FOIH brochure.)

My cup of tea must steep so stay clear of the creep.

(Stay away from steep edges and stay on the path.)

Clue #5 – Wednesday, June 22

Go forth and be stout, step over solicitor’s hangout

(The climb to the top of the park requires effort, and the trail is littered with assorted paving stones and...shingles! A solicitor, or attorney, is said to 'hang out a shingle' when practicing by themselves.)

On your way to the forested peak.

('s the top again.)

Tho’ the finder a hero, near the big ol’ zero.

(Indian Heights Park is just north of Rochester's Goose Egg Park.)

My jurisdiction is not for the meek.

(The climb to the top of the park requires effort and lots of bug spray.)

Clue #4 – Tuesday, June 21

Rearrange the activity, three-through-five is proclivity,

(Look back to yesterday's clue and see words three through five in the fourth stanza. These three words are an anagram for Indian Heights Park.)

for my location submerged in last fourth.

(Multi-meanings...the Treasure was partially submerged in water that collected in the tree stump, and the meaning of the first stanza was 'submerged' or buried in the last set of clues' fourth stanza.)

I continue my slumber ‘twixt all that pre-lumber.

(Hidden with lots of logs surrounding the site.)

The jardin that you’re seeking is north.

(Jardin, or 'garden/park' is on the north side.)

Clue #3 – Monday, June 20

What part of our town has a sign green or brown?

(The park has signs in several colors.)

Look low and look high is the rule.

(Look in the lower area for the signs, and then the higher area for the Treasure.)

The sign that you read will be nearer my stead.

(This would indicate a 'red' sign found in the upper part of the park. Rhymes with stead.)

It’s an earthshaking dip in this pool.

(The words 'earthshaking dip in' can be rearranged to form 'Indian Heights Park' - an anagram.)

Clue #2 – Sunday, June 19

Are the clues so far bumped got you feeling quite stumped?

(The Treasure was hidden in a small stump.)

A rocket’s new course may illume.

(JM graduate Marcus Sherels became a Viking, and Viking Village is nearby.)

Grab the bug spray and map as you’re missing the sap.

(The stump hiding place is a former tree 'missing the sap.')

The orange guide’s somewhat in bloom.

(There were several small, orange construction flags scattered around the site in the top part of the park.)

CLUE #1 - Saturday, June 18

A button, a dance.  The animals prance!

(Somewhat of a ruse and indicative of Rochesterfest activities in 2016.)

2016 is for everyone Fun!

As you pick up the pace you will see all this space.

(After climbing up to the top of Indian Heights Park you can walk easier and find open meadow areas that have been cleared out.)

The puzzle will be solidly done.

(The path to the top of the park has some interesting paving stones that appear to be assembled like a puzzle.)

BONUS Clue #1 Trademart Furniture Center – Saturday, June 18

Go forth and step lively for the treasure quite rare.

Turn on the high beams and proceed with care!

(The path to the top of the park is secured with many 'beams' to control erosion.)

This one is rooted in what was once there.

(Root indicates the stump of a tree that was once there.)

BONUS Clue #2 Whistle Binkies Pubs – Monday, June 20

How far to the south ‘til you see me so plain?

(The trail to the top of the park comes to a "T" and this indicates a turn to the south.)

Your toes may get muddy and toil do you deign.

Can I hide any higher with lower constrain?

(This indicates the upper part of the park but a hiding spot that is low to the ground.)


This year’s treasure is a special acrylic medallion, hidden somewhere in the city of Rochester and on public property (but not on a golf course or cemetery) and NEVER on private property that might appear open to the public.  You will absolutely know if you find it!  Once found, it must be exchanged for its bounty.

Search, but please don't destroy the natural beauty of Rochester or the Treasure hiding place!  Each day's clue will bring you closer to the treasure's location, and it will be evident once found!

All text and clues copyright ©2016 Rochesterfest and may be used in broadcast and print.  All online rights are exclusive to Rochesterfest, go ahead and link to this page!  Online clues will be found only at (unless express permission granted.)

Where, oh where would a Treasure hide? We have a pretty good idea where it has been hidden in past years, but where will is surface in 2016? We've also found some terrific motivation from other area Treasure Hunts. Want to see what we see? Visit the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt or Red Wing's River City Days to see if it helps. (Probably not.)

Below is an image of what you seek, courtesy of ABC 6 News.

Rochesterfest Treasure Medallion - image courtesy

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