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Treasure Hunt Clues

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Special thanks to ABC 6 News for sponsoring and supporting the Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt.  Watch ABC 6 News Good Morning for daily clues at approximately 6:40 a.m.-6:50 a.m. (tune in early so you won't miss it!)  All clues will appear here, on this page, each day at approximately 7:00 a.m.


This year’s treasure is a special acrylic medallion, hidden somewhere in the city of Rochester and on public property (but not on a golf course or cemetery) and NEVER on private property that might appear open to the public. It will not be hidden on public land that would be dangerous to search (roadways, etc.)  You will absolutely know if you find it!  Once found, it must be exchanged for its bounty.

Search, but please don't destroy the natural beauty of Rochester or the Treasure hiding place!  Each day's clue will bring you closer to the treasure's location, and it will be evident once found!

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Where, oh where would a Treasure hide? We have a pretty good idea where it has been hidden in past years, but where will is surface this year? We've also found some terrific motivation from other area Treasure Hunts. Want to see what we see? Visit the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt or Red Wing's Medallion Hunt during River City Days to see if it helps. (Probably not.)

Below is an image of what you seek, courtesy of ABC 6 News.

Rochesterfest Treasure Medallion - image courtesy kaaltv.com

Explore the complete history of the Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt! Good hunting!


Treasure Hunt History

Check out the history of the Rochesterfest Treasure Hunt!

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